At ROPE, compliance means adherence to customer, social,
environmental, and labour standards.

Quality of working environment

SEDEX certified and approved by large international retail chains, ROPE is audited several times a year. For the company social standards are not an obligation, they are at the core of our foundation and growth as a social enterprise.

ROPE offers its artisans and employees a wide range of benefits, including social security, company transport to and from work, regular health check-ups and medical camps for them and their families, continuous skill development, and a Creche for their children. Furthermore, as a company and community we celebrate festivals together and organise cultural programs. All this makes ROPE an excellent place to work.

Quality and Safety of materials and products

All our raw materials are from nature’s bounty. They are renewable natural fibre materials like banana stem, jute, river grass, napier grass, palm leaf and water hyacinth. We are experts in these materials including their sources, quality differences, seasonalities, safe storage, cleaning, and treatment requirements. This expertise allows us to produce beautiful all-weather products from these materials, which have been shipped to 5 continents and over 30 countries.

A well-trained internal quality team inspects each and every aspect of the product and packaging. They coordinate directly with customers’ quality teams and ensure all checks and systems are in place to deliver the required quality products.